The third volume of the International Incidence of Childhood Cancer (IICC) project provides a compendium of international childhood cancer data based on a unique collaboration with more than 300 population-based cancer registries in 82 countries, departments and territories; diagnostic data are available on more than 770 000 children aged 0-19 years. Many cancer registries have provided sufficient numbers of cases for two or more ethnic groups, and these are presented in separate tables. The datasets from some subnational cancer registries were pooled into national tables. With more than 650 comparable datasets, this website constitutes a unique data source for conducting research and formulating public health policies in childhood populations.

The results are presented according to the International Classification of Childhood Cancer, 3rd edition (ICCC-3) [21] and thus enable meaningful assessment of the cancer burden in children according to appropriate diagnostic groups. Data from all contributing registries met the eligibility and quality criteria and are presented in the section of Registry-specific tables. Statistics for all neoplasms or selected diagnostic groups can be compared across populations in Comparative tables.

Although all datasets are of high quality within the world region where the data were collected, variations in cancer registration techniques and the wider socioeconomic context may have affected the reported incidence rates. Indicators of data quality help to interpret the reported incidence rates. The Guide to Tables explains the content of the registry-specific and comparative tables.

The results will be enriched in the next months by the dissemination of more extensive analyses, including expert interpretation of the results in peer-reviewed journals, as well as complete documentation and a detailed exposition of all the facets of data in the forthcoming IARC Scientific Publication, International Incidence of Childhood Cancer, Volume III.

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