Call for data


The questionnaire fulfilled several objectives:

  • To help the Editors interpret the data;
  • To produce statistics on cancer registration practices among the participants;
  • To offer the registries a way to communicate their feedback;
  • To confirm or update contact details; and
  • To record the commitment of the registry in participating.

The collected data served exclusively for the above purposes of the IICC-3 project.

The online version of the questionnaire was developed by .

The questionnaire was completed online, which has several advantages:

  • Data were recorded directly into a database, thus avoiding potential errors arising accidentally during data transfer.
  • Questionnaires remained accessible by the registry online after submission. It was possible to correct the questionnaire by resubmitting it. Only the last submitted version was taken into account when the dataset was evaluated.
  • All information was stored electronically for the registry's records because a dated PDF file of each submitted version was sent to the registry.