Call for data

Introductory Text

Each set of registry-specific tables is accompanied by a short introductory text providing the reader with enough information for interpretation of the tabulated data. The structure of the introductory text is outlined below with reference to the data reported (same population and period of coverage).

Population and area covered

  • Particularities of location, climate, environment, economy, health insurance coverage
  • Access to health care and insurance policies, including extent of facilities for specialist paediatric and adolescent oncology, pathology, neuro-oncology, etc.
  • Size of the national population and the proportion of children at the national level
  • Proportion of the national population covered by the registry and, if different from national figures, proportion of children within the total population in the registration area
  • Description of ethnic groups or regions (if applicable)
  • Changes over time of the geographical or administrative area covered; explanation for a submission of only a subset of data (e.g. if these data are believed to be more reliable, or to avoid overlap with other data sets, etc.).


  • Setting
  • Data sources
  • Data collection procedures
  • Coding systems (and any exceptions)
  • Completeness of registration
  • Follow-up of the patients (sources, methods, completeness)
  • Use of the collected data
  • Particularities in cancer occurrence if any.

Population data

  • Sources
  • Year of census
  • Methods and frequency of estimates.


References to published population data are included in the questionnaire. One or two essential references may support statements in the text.

Title and authors

  • The title consists of the name of the country and the registry and the reporting period.
  • The author list includes names of all those considered contributors to IICC-3.

The introductory texts are subjected to the comments of the Editors, as with any peer-reviewed publication. The final version of the introductory text was reviewed and agreed upon by the authors prior to publication.